"Rockstar was awesome! They made a really stressful experience super easy and convenient for me. I'd definitely use them again."

~Jen Anderson, Cape Coral


What Does Cape Coral Specialize In?


Most people don’t think about auto glass…ever. It is something that can be thought of as quite boring. In the automotive industry nobody cares as much about the way glass is manufactured as how fast a car’s engine can go. This does not mean that your vehicle's glass should be overlooked. Most people will have a problem with their automotive glass at some point in their lives.

Independence allows for a lot of liberty and quality when running a business, and Rockstar Cape Coral provides the best customer service precisely because of this. Being an independent company allows us to realize how important time can be for someone on a tight schedule. Everyone has plans daily, and when something unexpected happens to interrupt these plans, people get pretty frustrated, and for good reason. Rockstar isn’t here to just take your money. Rockstar is here to form relationships that will last forever. We’re also here to listen to your problem, evaluate how to fix it, and offer services that will be cheaper and faster than you ever expected.

OEM and OEE glass are two amazing kinds of glass that we offer both for windows and windshields. Basically, we can put your car back in its original state right away.

Repair Recommendations

We think everyone can remember a time when they were a bit younger and homework was an everyday thing. Well, there’s the catch, it was supposed to be an everyday thing. The reason it wasn’t an everyday thing is because of procrastination. Procrastination is a very common trait, and we see it with automotive glass all of the time.

If you get a chip or crack in your windshield putting it off is the worst thing you can do, because the end result is much worse than the beginning result of a small crack.

Windshield Replacement in Cape Coral

Windshields are in our face everyday, whether driving to work or picking up a quick snack, they are in our line of sight. They are never really acknowledged though. The only time we really acknowledge it is when there is a lot of snow or rain on it, so we turn on our wipers or when something hits it and it frightens us a little bit.

Like the common saying goes, it’s the little things in life that matter most. Windshields are big but they seem of little importance when being compared to the design of the car or the engine. OEM and OEE glass are used to make the windshields, and this is a good thing. You can’t find better glass anywhere else. We provide warranties for your windshields and at a price that can’t be beat.

Should You Get a Replacement of a Repair?

When people in life tend to talk about themselves a lot, many times it’s because they are trying to have people focus so much on the good qualities they miss out on a very strong negative quality. This is very similar in commercials that try to sell you things. Commercials like this tell you everything amazing about the product and what a great deal it is, but there is usually a catch. Most of the time, there is a major problem that they purposely don’t mention.

Rockstar in Cape Coral can promise that this won’t be the case. Yes, we like to tell you a lot of positive information, but we won’t let you down and to prove this, we provide you with a lifetime warranty.